May 2009

LEARN Now Supporting Strategic Initiatives

Now fully implemented across the system, CHI’s Learning Effectiveness and Resource Network (LEARN) is a resource for sharing best practices through online education. After an initial focus on mandatory education, the online learning delivery and management system is now poised to help CHI achieve its strategic objectives, such as improving performance. Six MBOs recently used LEARN to deliver a course that helps hospitals provide meaningful cost information to patients and increase collection of patient co-payments and deductibles at the point of service. Memorial Health Care System, Chattanooga, TN; St. John’s Regional Medical Center, Joplin, MO; St. Joseph Medical Center, Towson, MD; St. Joseph Regional Health Network, Reading, PA; and St. Vincent Health System, Little Rock, AR, increased point of service collections more than 60% in four months. “We were able to identify St. Vincent’s best practices and translate one of them into a 20-minute course combined with a 20-minute role-playing exercise,” said Colleen Elliott, director of knowledge transfer and learning. “The entire process of creating the course, using LEARN to assign it to more than 600 employees and completing the training took a month.” The point of service collection training is now being rolled out to the rest of CHI. LEARN projects in progress include the conversion of cardiopulmonary resuscitation re-certification courses for nurses to an online format. A work group is reviewing ways to reduce curriculum time for annual mandatory education, which would save non-productive time across CHI. LEARN is also making it easier for MBOs to share their Web-based courses, which can decrease course development expenses. Before purchasing or developing new training, managers can check LEARN to see what other MBOs are doing. It takes a short time to access the courses available and possibly find a solution for training and education needs. “LEARN can help leaders throughout CHI to make better decisions about how to develop employees’ skills while leveraging limited education resources,” said Elliott. For more information about LEARN, contact Colleen Elliott at