March 2009

Call for Contributions to CHI Employee Financial Assistance Fund

An employee who faced eviction as a result of a spouse’s job loss and another whose home was severely damaged in an ice storm are two of several employees who have received assistance from the CHI Employee Financial Assistance Fund (EFAF) this year. A recent increase in requests for assistance has created an urgent need for the fund to be replenished. The fund is available to provide financial support to national employees who face extraordinary circumstances, such as a serious illness, accident or personal loss due to a natural disaster. During calendar year 2008, the fund assisted 18 employees; during 2009, the fund has already assisted 13 employees. The first employee mentioned above was able to catch up on rent payments thanks to the EFAF, and also received money management counseling through CHI’s Employee Assistance Program. The second employee was able to replace an appliance destroyed by the storm and a resulting power surge with help from the EFAF. CHI national employees can contribute to the EFAF by making a one-time donation via cash or check, or through one-time or continuing payroll deductions. All contributions are fully tax deductible and can be made using an Employee Financial Assistance Fund contribution form. For application assistance, contact Dave Seyfert at;. for questions about the contribution process, contact Debbie Snodgrass at