February 2009

Tiers Assigned to Strategic Objectives

Strategic Objective Tiers When the CHI Strategic Plan: 2010-2015 was approved by the Board of Stewardship Trustees in fall 2008, CHI’s President’s Council realized that the organization must focus on improvement in operating performance. This improvement is necessary to build capacity to implement the strategic plan. Accordingly, the President’s Council has prioritized the plan’s strategic objectives into three tiers, shown in the chart below. “The objectives in Tier 1 will receive a greater share of attention and resources during FY 09 and FY10 because these are the objectives that have the most potential to improve short-term operating performance,” said Tim Moran, VP of strategic planning and alignment for CHI. The objectives in Tier 2 include some components that are essential to achieving Tier 1 objectives. Tier 3 includes objectives that have the potential to achieve significant cost and/or quality breakthroughs and will be considered for the development of pilot programs within MBOs that currently have capacity for this work. For more information, contact Tim Moran at timmoran@catholichealth.net.