November 2008

CHI Announces New Vision and Strategic Plan: 2010-2015

CHI introduced an updated vision and strategic plan at the National Leadership Conference in early October and via an October 15 teleconference with leaders across the system. Kevin Lofton, president and CEO, called the updated vision “Aspirational, compelling and meaningful to all within CHI.” The new vision statement is: To live up to our name as One CHI: Catholic – Living our mission and core values. Health – Improving the health of the people and communities we serve. Initiatives – Pioneering models and systems of care to enhance care delivery. The mission and core values of CHI remain the same. The Strategic Plan: 2010-2015 is different from previous strategic plans in important ways:
  • It covers a longer timeframe. Previous plans covered two or three years, while the new plan extends to 2015 and beyond.
  • The new plan is the one strategic plan for all of CHI – One CHI. Previous plans set system objectives and served as a guideline for MBO’s local plans.
  • The new plan includes three types of metrics:
    • Destination metrics: Long-term metrics to guide the organization in a timeframe that extends to 2020.
    • Operational metrics: Short-term metrics to measure incremental improvements in a 24-month timeframe.
    • Strategic metrics: Metrics directly related to the four core strategies of CHI – People, Quality, Stewardship, Growth – to be accomplished in a 2010-2015 timeframe.
CHI’s Board of Stewardship Trustees, as well as MBO and national leaders, were involved in the development of the new vision and strategic plan. Lofton said the plan will move CHI toward greater reliance on proven best practices developed by the MBOs. The role of the national office will be to effectively share the best practices across all of CHI’s organizations. In light of current financial challenges, CHI’s immediate focus for fiscal years 2009 and 2010 is to build capacity to implement the strategic plan. This includes improving financial and operating performance by reducing costs across the system. Stabilization and building CHI’s financial capacity is essential to having resources to invest in the Strategic Plan: 2010-2015. Back