November 2008

Reducing CHI’s Energy Costs

Energy management is one focus of CHI’s Environment and Energy Taskforce. Because accurate and timely data is the cornerstone of any energy management program, National Information Solution Corporation (NISC) has become the clearinghouse for all utility bills within CHI. Currently, NISC audits more than 600 utility bills for CHI. The accumulated data is used to make informed decisions on energy projects and aggregate energy purchasing to reduce cost. In addition, CHI’s Facility Management Group finalized a contract with HealthTrust Purchasing Group (HPG) to be the energy manager for CHI. The agreement should result in significant cost reductions for gas and deregulated electricity. When fully implemented, the contract could reduce CHI’s energy costs by more than $6 million annually. With assistance provided through CHI’s partnership with Practice Greenhealth – a nonprofit organization that promotes environmental improvement in health care – MBOs are continuing their commitment to environmental stewardship. Goals include mercury elimination, applying for Practice Greenhealth’s Environmental Excellence Awards, Styrofoam elimination, medication take-back programs and more. To learn more, contact Dennis Smith, 785-320-7457 or Back