March/April 2008

Rollout Begins Smoothly

03-08learnf Photo

The implementation of LEARN, Catholic Health Initiatives’ new, Web-based learning management system, began smoothly in March. Many education managers in the first wave to go live on LEARN found the preparation process to be easier and less time-consuming than anticipated.

“The first wave of market-based organizations to implement LEARN are completing their preparations on schedule or a little ahead,” said Kevin Preston, learning network manager for Catholic Health Initiatives. “The market-based organizations in wave two, which will implement LEARN in May, are already ahead of schedule.”

LEARN is designed to enhance knowledge transfer and learning across Catholic Health Initiatives. The initial library includes more than 100 courses for training in compliance, regulatory requirements, patient safety and more. In addition, market-based organizations will be able to use LEARN to access courses added to the LEARN library by other market-based organizations and to author their own Web-based courses.

“We’re hearing that everyone is excited by the content already available on LEARN, and about the ability to develop their own courses,” said Preston.

Centura Health of Colorado is using LEARN’s authoring tools to develop several courses, and has already delivered one compliance refresher course to employees using the new system. “We are also very pleased with LEARN’s ability to export reports into Excel,” said Stephanie Jones, learning management system administrator for Centura Health, which served as a pilot site. “We’re looking forward to being able to track course evaluations, too.”

Another pilot site, Good Samaritan Health Systems, Kearney, Neb., has also authored courses using the LEARN system. “It’s important to have all of your courses available via LEARN, which makes it so much easier to track and document employees’ completion of their courses,” said Karen Crocker, director of education at Good Samaritan. “It’s also valuable to be able to customize our education to our own needs.”

When implementing LEARN, Crocker said it’s essential to articulate what the system is, how it functions and how you will use it within your organization. “We did things like putting up posters, sending all employees a letter from the chief executive officer and offering learning sessions,” she said. “Our employees felt comfortable with LEARN by the time we rolled it out.”