January/February 2008

St. Joseph Health Ministries Launches Fluoride Finder

St. Joseph Health Ministries, Lancaster, Pa., has launched an interactive, online map that residents of Lancaster County can use to check fluoridation levels in their water systems. The Fluoride Finder map allows visitors to St. Joseph Health Ministries’ Web site, www.sjhm.org, to type in any address in Lancaster County. The map indicates whether the public water supply at that address has a fluoride concentration above, at or below that considered optimal for the prevention of cavities. St. Joseph Health Ministries’ Brush. Brush. Smile!® program has provided nearly $2 million worth of free dental care and oral health education to more than 9,000 children. For more information, contact Ann Goropoulos of St. Joseph Health Ministries at znngoropoulos@catholichealth.net.