November/December 2007

Memorial Campuses Go Tobacco-Free

11-07memorialsmokefree Photo

Leaders at Memorial Health Care System celebrate the organization’s new, smoke-free status. From left are Leo Brown, chair of the board; Betsy Kammerdiener, chaplain; Richard Pesce, MD; Ruth Brinkley, president and chief executive officer; and Howard Roddy, vice president of healthy community initiatives.

The campuses of Memorial Health Care System, Chattanooga, Tenn., became smoke-free effective October 1. Smoking and the use of any tobacco products are prohibited on all Memorial property and grounds. “As a health care system with a mission to nurture the healing ministry of Christ, Memorial is committed to creating the healthiest environment possible for our patients, visitors, volunteers, physicians and employees,” said Ruth Brinkley, president and chief executive officer of Memorial. Memorial’s leaders believe the new policy will create a healthier environment by eliminating second-hand smoke and set an example for other organizations and businesses to follow. For more information, contact Karen Sloan of Memorial at