September/October 2007

Holy Rosary Physician Featured in Article on Needle Aponeurotomy

David Kline, DO, an emergency room physician at Holy Rosary Medical Center, Ontario, Ore., was featured in a recent article in The New York Times on needle aponeurotomy. The procedure is used to reverse the effects of Dupuytren’s disease, in which the fascia of the hand thickens and draws the fingers permanently into the palm. The non-surgical procedure was developed 30 years ago by a group of French physicians and is currently practiced in the U.S. by less than a dozen physicians. Kline, who has Dupuytren’s disease, had needle aponeurotomy on both of his hands five years ago in France, where he also received training. Since then, he has performed more than 600 needle aponeurotomies at Holy Rosary Medical Center. For more information, contact Stacey Taylor of Holy Rosary at