September/October 2007

Good Samaritan of Cincinnati Number One for Ohio Births

9-07_good-sam_labor Photo

The new labor and delivery suites at Good Samaritan Hospital, Cincinnati, Ohio, welcomed 10 expectant mothers within the first 14 hours after they opened on August 26.

Good Samaritan Hospital, Cincinnati, Ohio, achieved the number one ranking in the state for delivering babies during 2006. According to the Ohio Department of Health’s Vital Statistics division, the total number of live births at Good Samaritan last year was 7,010. The hospital recently unveiled 12 additional labor and delivery suites and an additional C-section suite in its new patient tower. In addition, Good Samaritan recently attracted national media attention when an Ohio couple welcomed a second set of triplets at the hospital. The couple’s first set of triplets were delivered at Good Samaritan in December 2003. The chances of a woman having two sets of triplets naturally are about one in 64 million, according to the Institute for Reproductive Health. For more information, contact Lisa Owendoff of TriHealth at