September/October 2007

Chief Nursing Officers Align with Catholic Health Initiatives Group Structure

In keeping with the reorganization of Catholic Health Initiatives’ facilities into operating groups, the chief nursing officers (CNOs) within each group will meet regularly to discuss clinical issues of importance to nursing.

Two representatives from each group will also serve two-year, rotating terms on Catholic Health Initiatives’ Nursing Executive Council. This council, along with the Physician Executive Council and the Pharmacy Executive Council, will provide advice and guidance for clinical initiatives across the system.

“Each group of CNOs has agreed to meet during monthly conference calls and one face-to-face meeting a year,” said Kathy Sanford, chief nursing officer for Catholic Health Initiatives. “Each group will work together to select the issues they need to address, and support each other by sharing leading practices.”

The new CNO groups will also help increase communications among all of Catholic Health Initiatives’ nurses. “With the input our front-line nurses provide to our CNOs and up to the Nursing Executive Council, we can find the best solutions to shared challenges,” said Sanford. “Because each CNO group is represented on the Nursing Executive Council, communication can also flow from the council to the CNOs at each facility and on to the nurses who deliver bedside care.”

Sanford also anticipates that the Nursing Executive Council will work closely with the Physician Executive Council and the Pharmacy Executive Council. “Each of these advisory councils will need to address issues specific to their disciplines, but will also find ways to do more together,” said Sanford. “That collaboration will take us toward the goal of ‘One CHI,’ with one clinical voice.”