July/August 2007

St. Joseph’s Receives Quality of Place Award from Northwest Minnesota Foundation

St. Joseph’s Area Health Services, Park Rapids, Minn., received a Quality of Place Award from the Northwest Minnesota Foundation. The award recognizes the foundation’s partners, grantees, training participants and loan clients that have helped to develop community assets and enhance the quality of places in northwest Minnesota. St. Joseph’s was recognized for its work in developing a dental education program for children in Hubbard County. The Community Dental Clinic in Park Rapids, which is sponsored by St. Joseph’s, provided space for a public health nurse to supply information on dental health and other public health issues to patients and families who receive services through public health insurance programs. The project has provided dental education to more than 1,000 students from preschool through high school; 650 participants in the Minnesota Department of Health’s Women, Infants and Children program; and 200 new mothers. The project received grant funds from the Northwest Minnesota Foundation and the foundation’s Park Rapids Early Childhood Initiative. For more information, contact Cynthia Rooney of St. Joseph’s at cynthiarooney@catholichealth.net.