March/April 2007

Penrose Cancer Center Identifies Innovative Therapy for Prostate Cancer

Clinical research conducted by Anuj Peddada, MD, and Alan Monroe, MD, radiation oncologists at Penrose Cancer Center, Colorado Springs, Colo., indicates that brachytherapy can be effective for patients who have prostate cancer and larger prostate glands. Brachytherapy has become a standard for prostate cancer treatment, but was previously effective only in prostates of smaller volume: larger prostate glands have been treated with external beam radiation or surgery. Traditional brachytherapy implants seeds in the prostate to deliver prescribed doses of radiation. The implanted seeds remain in the prostate. Peddada and Monroe treated patients with larger prostate glands using larger seed implants, allowing higher doses of radiation to be administered. These seeds were removed at the end of the treatment regimen. Peddada recently presented the research at a national meeting of radiation oncologists. For more information, contact Dennis Bruens of Penrose Cancer Center at