March/April 2007

St. Mary’s Offers Smoking Cessation Prescriptions to Employees

St. Mary’s Healthcare Center, Pierre, S.D., offered free, 12-week prescriptions of the smoking cessation drug Chantix to employees of St. Mary’s and Gettysburg Medical Center, Gettysburg, S.D. Employees who signed up to participate attended a kickoff session with Steve Case, RPh, who explained the benefits of smoking cessation. Case also facilitates a smoking cessation support group, open to the public, which holds monthly meetings and distributes a newsletter. “It is a win-win, because we not only help our employees become healthier, but also create a ealthier work environment,” said Debbie Brakke, vice president of outcomes and support for St. Mary’s. “In 2000, St. Mary’s Healthcare Center adopted a tobacco free/smoke free policy, so this program will also make it easier for employees to honor that policy.” For more information, contact Debbie Brakke at