March/April 2007

Omaha Initiative to Address Childhood Obesity

A collaborative community initiative led by Our Healthy Community Partnership and Alegent Health, Omaha, Neb., is addressing the problem of childhood obesity. A group of public health officials, school leaders and health care organizations provided a summary of action plans at a public meeting on January 31. In Nebraska, one in every three students in kindergarten through 12th grade are obese or at risk for obesity. Wayne Sensor, chief executive officer of Alegent Health, said the group’s goals will be achieved by focusing on specifics that range from neighborhood safety and youth enrichment programs to ensuring access to affordable, healthy food at the neighborhood level. The group’s action plans resulted from a two-day session that brought together more than 75 community stakeholders to assess current efforts to curb childhood obesity and identify associated gaps and opportunities. For more information, contact Lora Ullerich of Alegent Health at