January/February 2007

Ambulatory Electronic Health Record Vendor to be Selected

Catholic Health Initiatives has begun the process of selecting one or more preferred vendors of ambulatory electronic health record (AEHR) solutions for market-based organizations’ physician practices. “Groups of market-based organization stakeholders, along with Catholic Health Initiatives’ clinical and information technology leaders, are involved in this initiative,” said Theresa Lewis, director of medical affairs for Catholic Health Initiatives. “The goal is to select an AEHR solution that is flexible enough to meet the needs of physician practices in each market-based organization. We know that the implementation of AEHR systems in ambulatory settings will help improve the quality of patient care and patient safety.” The AEHR strategy group narrowed the field of possible vendors to finalists that are demonstrating their products to the AEHR Strategy Vendor Selection Team via Web-based and in-person demonstrations. “Our intent is to select a limited number of preferred vendors, and if appropriate just one,” said Lewis. The AEHR Vendor Selection Team plans to complete the vendor selection process in March, then to complete implementation negotiations by the end of June. “Then, market-based organizations will be able to begin the process that leads to implementation,” said Lewis. For more information on Catholic Health Initiatives’ AEHR vendor selection, contact Theresa Lewis at theresalewis@catholichealth.net.