January/February 2007

Saint Joseph East Offers Interactive Entertainment

Saint Joseph HealthCare, Lexington, Ky., launched the GetWellNetwork® at its Saint Joseph East campus. With a click of a handheld control, patients are able to watch movies, surf the Internet, send e-mail to friends, play video games, view videos about their health conditions and request hospital services. Saint Joseph East is the first hospital in Lexington and only the second in Kentucky to implement this new, patient-centered technology. “We want our patients and their families to feel connected with their normal lives and routines during their hospital stays,” said Gene Woods, president and chief executive officer of Saint Joseph HealthCare. “We realize that most people would not choose to be in a hospital. However, we believe that this system will help our patients and families to feel more comfortable while they’re away from home.” For more information, contact Jeff Murphy of Saint Joseph at jmurphy@sjhlex.org.