September/November 2006

Strategic Plan Sharpens Focus

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The Catholic Health Initiatives Board of Stewardship Trustees has approved an update to the organization’s strategic plan that provides increased organizational focus. “Catholic Health Initiatives updates its strategic plan every two to three years, and each time the process sharpens the focus of the organization,” said John DiCola, senior vice president of strategy and business development for Catholic Health Initiatives. The update of the plan for fiscal years 2007–2011 reduced the number of core strategies for the organization from five to four. “Information is no longer a core strategy, but it has a significant presence in the strategic plan,” said DiCola. “As we looked at what Catholic Health Initiatives needs to do to implement the strategic plan, we saw that information management is an enabler for the achievement of each core strategy. So, while Information no longer stands on its own as a core strategy, it is an essential supporting component of all Catholic Health Initiatives’ core strategies.” In addition, the strategic plan update changed the core strategy of Performance to Stewardship. “Our Board of Stewardship Trustees and system leadership saw a need to broaden the Performance strategy and clarify its focus on deploying the resources entrusted to us in ways that achieve Catholic Health Initiatives’ mission and vision,” said Tim Moran, vice president of strategic planning and alignment for Catholic Health Initiatives. “The core strategy of Stewardship better reflects our foundation of ministry service.” The updated plan focuses on 14 objectives for the life of the five-year plan. Catholic Health Initiatives’ Board of Stewardship Trustees and President’s Council provided additional focus by identifying 15 strategic priorities for the next two fiscal years. “Of these 15 strategic priorities, five have been identified for special attention given their importance to the organization,” said Moran. “The three organizational themes introduced by Kevin Lofton last year also continue to provide a focus for system initiatives and resources.” Moran said the updated strategic plan addresses the desire for greater organizational focus within Catholic Health Initiatives. “The plan and its elements will help all of us align our resources efficiently, collaborate effectively, and be accountable for the achievement of our goals,” he said. For more information, contact Tim Moran at

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