September/November 2006

Good Samaritan Part of Tobacco-Free Coalition

Good Samaritan Hospital, Cincinnati, Ohio, part of TriHealth, is one of 19 hospitals in the Greater Cincinnati area that has committed to making their campuses tobacco-free by January 1, 2007. “Health care organizations have a responsibility to eliminate health hazards and promote healthy lifestyle choices,” said Lynn Olman, president of the Greater Cincinnati Health Council. “There are not many large coalitions of hospitals that have been able to take this action at the same time, but our hope is that this collective approach will help minimize confusion for hospital patients and visitors as well as focus attention on resources available to those who want to stop using tobacco.” The tobacco-free policy will apply to all property owned by each hospital, indoors and outdoors, and to all staff, patients, visitors, guests, vendors, volunteers, contractual workers and the general public. For more information, contact Joe Kelley of TriHealth at