June 2006

Hopes, Dreams, Prayers for the Future
of Catholic Health Initiatives

10th_Hopes Photo

During the May 15 prayer services, participants were invited to share their hopes, dreams and prayers for the future of Catholic Health Initiatives. Here are some of their thoughts: That we continue to keep the spirit of the sisters who founded this ministry alive and that we keep the mission before us at all times. That we will be the catalyst for health care reform, ensuring that the least among us have access to care. To exhibit the strength and courage required to undergo the changes necessary to continue our mission. To remember and honor the diversity of the market-based organizations while striving to find new and innovative ways to serve. That the inspiration and presence of the Holy Spirit continues to be with Catholic Health Initiatives, as has been felt since before day one. To continue to grow in the communities we serve by learning from each other and other innovative health care systems. I am part of this family. It is my hope that Catholic Health Initiatives becomes a nationally and internationally recognized organization. To further strive to improve quality of life for those less fortunate. Continue our healing ministry for all people who enter our doors, and to be an excellent work community of choice for our employees. To focus on the sanctity and dignity of all living persons, no matter how ill or broken. That we always remain true to our core values as we face the future. That we continue to live up to our mission of social justice and healing communities, recognizing that we are a ministry with a business model, not the other way around. That we will continue to develop lay leaders who understand and carry out the ministry started by our foundresses. To embrace the joy so often mentioned in the congregations’ charisms. That we not lose sight of the reason we came together — to extend the healing ministry, to build healthy communities, to serve the poor.