June 2006

Catholic Health Initiatives Contributes to 100,000 Lives Campaign

Catholic Health Initiatives’ hospitals have been active participants in and contributors to the 100,000 Lives Campaign, scheduled to reach a milestone on June 14, 2006. The campaign, created by the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) and launched in December 2004, was the first national campaign to promote saving a specified number of lives in hospitals through the implementation of proven, evidence-based interventions:
  • Activate a rapid response team to examine patients at the first sign of decline.
  • Deliver reliable, evidence-based care for heart attacks.
  • Prevent medication errors.
  • Prevent central line infections.
  • Prevent surgical site infections.
  • Prevent ventilator-associated pneumonia.
In addition, Catholic Health Initiatives enhanced patient safety through the development and implementation of a guideline and supporting tools for the management of patients on anticoagulant therapy. The organization recently received a $144,930 grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation for the implementation of rapid response teams throughout the system. “The implementation of rapid response teams and the work we’re doing to assure person-centered care in all of our facilities will continue to save patient lives long after the 100,000 Lives Campaign marks this important milestone,” said John Anderson, MD, chief medical officer of Catholic Health Initiatives. “The IHI campaign has been an excellent catalyst for action to improve patient safety through evidence-based practices, and we’re very proud of our hospitals’ support of this nationwide effort.”