May 2006

Highlight: Public Juridic Person

In general, sponsorship of Church ministry refers to the unique relationship of oversight, endorsement and support by a group that commits to advancing the healing ministry of Jesus. The founding sponsorship inspiration of Catholic Health Initiatives was the decision by ten congregations to partner with the laity to advance the ministry together, not as independently inspired ministries.

A public juridic person represents a canonical or church corporation that is recognized by the Catholic Church to advance the legacy of a ministry that was part of a religious congregation. Catholic Health Care Federation is the church corporation recognized by the Vatican to advance the legacy of the participating congregations of Catholic Health Initiatives.

The Catholic Health Initiatives Board of Stewardship Trustees is also the board of Catholic Health Care Federation, the canonical corporation or public juridic person. The Board of the civil corporation, known as Catholic Health Initiatives, governs the organization. The Board of the public juridic person, known as Catholic Health Care Federation, sponsors the market-based organizations. In its sponsorship role, the Board of Stewardship Trustees is responsible for ensuring that the healing ministry of Jesus has continued vitality; worthiness of public trust; relevance to people who are served; and that the ministry of Jesus is being advanced.