April 2006

Catholic Health Initiatives Leases Additional Space in Meridian Park

To meet current needs, Catholic Health Initiatives has leased additional office space in the Meridian Business Park in Englewood, Colo. The new space, located a short distance from the Denver-Meridian national office, will be ready for occupancy in mid-May.

Catholic Health Initiatives is also continuing negotiations to purchase land near the Denver-Meridian office. “Growth in staff at the Denver-Meridian office reflects organizational changes that place increased emphasis on our newest core strategy of information: accelerating the implementation and standardization of advanced clinical information systems and consolidating selected functions within finance, supply chain and information technology,” said Michael Fordyce, chief administrative officer for Catholic Health Initiatives. “Long term, we believe that it is best for Catholic Health Initiatives to have these employees near each other in buildings we own, as they work to help our market-based organizations and community health services organizations better serve their communities.”