April 2006

Data From Source Adds Interactive Analysis Tool

Data From Source Adds Interactive Analysis Tool To make the wealth of clinical data in the Catholic Health Initiatives Data from Source database easier to use, the national project work group is introducing an interactive analysis tool. Data from Source is a database of clinical data, derived from health insurance claim forms — standardized and adjusted for risk and severity — from across the Catholic Health Initiatives system. “The data shows which facilities have the best outcomes for specific diagnosis related groups, which can jump-start the process of sharing best practices,” said Debbi Honey, RN, vice president of clinical operations for Catholic Health Initiatives. With the new tool, market-based organizations and national leaders will be able to search for data and view reports related to specific types of clinical cases. “The reports are written for transparency: users will be able to see data from all Catholic Health Initiatives facilities, as well as the system’s aggregate data,” said Honey. The interactive tool was introduced to market-based organization chief executive officers during their national meeting the week of April 3. Full rollout is expected later in April. “The tool is easy to use, but it is still a work in progress,” said Honey. “We expect it to become more streamlined and sophisticated in the future.” For more information about the Data from Source project, contact Debbi Honey at debbihoney@catholichealth.net.