January/Februay 2006

Healthy Community Forum to Promote Networking

The Healthy Community Forum will be held March 16 in Phoenix, Ariz., starting at 2:45 pm and concluding with dinner. “This will be a networking session in which healthy community leaders and coalition members can discuss their challenges and solutions,” said Peggy Egan, OSF, PhD, vice president of mission and healthy communities for Catholic Health Initiatives. “We strongly encourage market-based organizations’ healthy community staff to attend and to invite members of their community coalitions.” The Catholic Health Initiatives session will also feature information about the development of outcome pathways from the healthy community coalition in Lincoln, Neb. “Just as there are proven clinical pathways, there may be defined pathways communities can follow to improve health and well-being,” said Sister Peggy. Charlotte Liggett, vice president of strategic planning and business development at Saint Elizabeth Health Systems in Lincoln will talk about the early stages of this work. Catholic Health Initiatives is also a key partner in the ACHI conference that immediately precedes the Healthy Community Forum. The ACHI’s “Spring Training for Health Champions” will be held March 14–16 in Phoenix, concurrently with the Catholic Health Association/VHA 2006 Community Benefit Conference. For more information about the Healthy Community Forum, contact Sister Peggy at srpeggyegan@catholichealth.net. For ACHI conference registration information, visit www.communityhlth.org.