October/November 2005

National Staff to Participate in Core Values Assessment

During the first three weeks of November, Catholic Health Initiatives will begin a Core Values Assessment (CVA) process for its national staff. Randomly selected members of the national staff and market-based organization executive teams have been asked to participate in a total of 19 focus groups that will convene via telephone.

“During the past three and one-half years, all of our market-based organizations have completed the CVA process,” said Tim Moran, director of customer and market strategy for Catholic Health Initiatives. “Market-based leaders have told us they value the insights into the alignment of culture and performance. Now, it’s time for our national operations to benefit from the process.” The CVA, developed by Catholic Health Initiatives’ leaders in the areas of mission, strategy, human resources and performance management, identifies cultural attributes that can enhance performance. “The CVA has received wide acclaim from Catholic and other health care organizations as a leading practice in the evaluation of organizational alignment and core values in practice,” said Kevin Lofton, president and chief executive officer of Catholic Health Initiatives. “Our national staff CVA will give us valuable insights, further the alignment of local and national efforts and improve our effectiveness in advancing our mission.” The focus groups will involve employees from all of Catholic Health Initiatives’ national offices and central business offices. The results will be presented to the President’s Council in January 2006, then made available to other stakeholders. “We will ask our national staff leaders to weave the development of specific cultural attributes into their strategic and operational thinking, just as market-based leaders have done as a result of their CVAs,” said Moran. For more information, contact Tim Moran at timmoran@catholichealth.net.