October/November 2005

Operating Model Overview

To fulfill its mission now and into the future, Catholic Health Initiatives must continually improve clinical quality and operating performance, while continuing to seek to transform health care delivery and create healthy communities. To achieve this goal, Catholic Health Initiatives will adopt an operating model that will: Define the Way We Work Together
  • Define roles, expectations and accountabilities at national and market-based levels.
  • Identify consistent opportunities for local input on system decisions.
  • Assist and intervene when operating units or national functions do not meet expectations.
Standardize and Consolidate as Appropriate
  • Standardize processes and functions to improve system effectiveness, efficiency and outcomes.
  • Consolidate processes and functions to leverage economies of scale.
  • Use benchmarks to set goals for top-tier performance at the local and national level.
  • Use management best practices.
  • Provide infrastructure to promote shared knowledge and learning.
Focus on Strengthening the Ministry as a Whole
  • Share a common vision for Catholic Health Initiatives’ future.
  • Maintain a shared strategic orientation.
  • Make decisions in the best interests of the whole system.
  • Focus on year-to-year financial, clinical and operational improvement across the system.
  • Create increased accountability for performance outcomes.