July 2005

Saint Joseph Executive Kisses a Pig to Promote Diabetes Awareness

Dorothy Zimmerman, director of the business office at Saint Joseph HealthCare, Lexington, Ky., kissed a pig on June 2 to promote awareness of diabetes. Employees and physicians donated $1 each to cast a vote for any of more than 10 candidates to kiss the pig, with Zimmerman emerging as the winner. "This contest was an exciting, lighthearted and fun way to let people know about this terrible disease," said Karen McKnight, director of the Saint Joseph Diabetes Treatment Center. "Our goal was to raise money for diabetes research while having fun voting for the best candidate to kiss the 90-pound, pot-bellied pig." Insulin, a substance that sustains the lives of those who suffer from diabetes, was once derived from pigs, though it is now produced synthetically. For more information, contact Jeff Murphy of Saint Joseph at jmurphy@sjhlex.org.