April/May 2005

First ACIS Launch Successful

St. Vincent Health System, Little Rock, Ark., has successfully launched the Phase 1 applications of Catholic Health Initiatives’ Advanced Clinical Information System (ACIS), which uses Cerner technology. Physicians from all three St. Vincent hospitals can now access and view all dictated reports and lab work immediately upon completion. Entire patient charts are available electronically within 24 hours of discharge. “A particular satisfier for our physicians is the ability to complete patient charts, including signatures, remotely from their offices or homes,” said David Hall, MD, Senior Vice President of Medical Affairs for St. Vincent. “This makes a crowded, chart-filled health information management (HIM) department a thing of the past.”

St. Vincent is the first of five market-based organizations piloting the system
to launch the Phase 1 applications. In addition to online medical records access, all of St. Vincent’s emergency departments are now tracking patient information and movement electronically rather than on white boards. Emergency room physicians are able to document their encounters with patients electronically and in real time.

“The rollout has been beyond everyone’s expectations, and the medical staff is extremely enthusiastic about all of the products,” said Hall. “At this point, it’s hard to imagine we could be more pleased with the Phase 1 initiatives than we are.”

Hall credited the successful rollout to hard work by all those involved, including ACIS Team members; the St. Vincent information technology staff, led by Tommye Billing, chief information officer; the St. Vincent HIM staff, led by Erin Holloway, director of HIM; staff from Catholic Health Initiatives’ National Information Technology Center; and Cerner.