March 2005

Support for 100,000 Lives Campaign

03-05_100klives Photo

Catholic Health Initiatives strongly endorses the objectives of the 100,000 Lives Campaign created by the Institute for Healthcare Improvement, which aims to use proven health care improvement methods to avoid 100,000 deaths between December 14, 2004, and June 14, 2006. Several Catholic Health Initiatives market-based organizations have already made the decision to sign on.

IHI hopes to enlist up to 2,000 hospitals in the campaign, which promotes six changes in health care practice:
  • Deploy rapid response teams to examine patients at the first sign of decline.
  • Deliver reliable, evidence-based care for acute myocardial infarction.
  • Prevent adverse drug events by implementing medication reconciliation.
  • Prevent central line infections by delivering five interdependent, scientifically grounded steps (the “central line bundle”).
  • Prevent surgical site infections by delivering the correct perioperative antibiotics, maintaining glucose levels and avoiding shaving hair at the surgical site.
  • Prevent ventilator-associated pneumonia by implementing five interdependent, scientifically grounded steps (the “ventilator bundle”).
Hospitals that enroll must commit to implementing some or all of the changes and reporting results. More information and a list of participants is available at