February 2005

Locations Selected for CHI Connect Support Centers

Catholic Health Initiatives has identified locations for support centers associated with CHI Connect, its system-wide program for managing information related to finance, human resources, payroll and supply chain. The creation of national support centers is a critical component of CHI Connect. “The support centers will provide business office functions in a standard, system-wide manner, enabling market-based staff to focus additional time and resources on patient care, clinical quality and building healthy communities,” said Michael Rowan, chief operating officer of Catholic Health Initiatives. The support centers will be located as follows:
  • The human resources support center will be in the same building as the Catholic Health Initiatives Northern Kentucky office in Erlanger, Ky. “This location was selected because most national human resources staff and benefit administration are housed in this office,” said Rowan.
  • The national payroll support center will also be located in the same building as the Northern Kentucky office. “Existing payroll functions are already housed in the Northern Kentucky office, and there is space available for the payroll support center on the third floor of the same building,” said Rowan.
  • The National Supply Chain Group will create a centralized purchasing function in same building as the Catholic Health Initiatives Denver Meridian office in Englewood, Colo., which houses the National Information Technology Center. The Supply Chain Group will transition much of its work from paper to electronic forms, which will require significant computer resources. Many of these resources are already in place at the National Information Technology Center.
  • The Accounts Payable Support Center will also be located in the Denver Meridian office building to enhance its alignment with supply chain.
Details about specific services to be provided through each support center are in development. Opening dates will be announced as they are scheduled. “National staff members whose work may be affected by the implementation of CHI Connect and the creation of the support centers are reviewing options and opportunities with their managers,” said Rowan. “All of the positions available at the support centers will be posted internally first as they become available.” For more information, contact Paul Parish, vice president of financial and administrative systems, at paulparish@catholichealth.net.