January 2005

Strategic Plan Priorities Set for 2005 and 2006

Catholic Health Initiatives has set the priority actions agenda within the Catholic Health Initiatives strategic plan for fiscal years 2005 and 2006.

01_05_StratPlan Photo

Each of the plan's five core strategies has an executive sponsor, and each of the multiple objectives within the strategy has an executive owner. Executive owners ensure resource focus, collaboration within and across groups and the achievement of specific outcomes for their objectives. "Executive sponsors report regularly to the President's Council," said Kevin Lofton, president and chief executive officer of Catholic Health Initiatives. "This level of focus and accountability ensures that we are aligning resources to produce the strategic plan's intended results." Ensuring Implementation Success Catholic Health Initiatives leaders emphasized the importance of clear accountability for each expected action, as well as:
  • Continuous communication about the plan's priorities and implementation process.
  • Clearly designated roles and responsibilities for national groups and market-based chief executives.
  • Commitment and coordination of resources to achieve desired outcomes.
"Our immediate challenge is to ensure that leaders across the organization are focused on our strategic priorities and that resources of time, human energy and financial capital are committed accordingly," said Michael Fordyce, chief administrative officer for Catholic Health Initiatives. To that end, the National Leadership Team and President's Council review the core functions and priority initiatives of every national group to ensure they are aligned with the strategic plan. "The National Leadership Team has developed a status reporting system that ensures we will be able to measure and evaluate the progress we are making on the plan's priority objectives and expected actions," said Michael Rowan, chief operating officer for Catholic Health Initiatives. "We are developing our mid-year report now and will be evaluating and sharing those results in February." For more information about the strategic plan, contact Bob Cook, vice president of strategic planning, at bobcook@catholichealth.net.