Catholic Health Initiatives Introduces Work Community of Choice Tool Kit

Employee_Covenant Photo

Catholic Health Initiatives’ effort to help market-based organizations and national offices become employers of choice in their markets, Our Values at Work, has been reinforced by the introduction of a new tool kit.

The initiative is rooted in the Core Values of Catholic Health Initiatives, according to Michael Fordyce, chief administrative officer. “During the past two years, market-based and national leaders have worked together to articulate our People Strategy, which focuses on using our distinctive organizational culture to create the work community of choice in every market we serve,” he said. “Our research affirmed that our Core Values of Reverence, Integrity, Compassion and Excellence are the most meaningful element of our culture and our employees’ work experience. Therefore, defining the attributes of a work community of choice meant articulating how we live our values at work.” The result is the Catholic Health Initiatives Employee Covenant, the cornerstone of Our Values at Work. “The Employee Covenant describes the guiding principles of the employee experience within Catholic Health Initiatives and its market-based organizations,” said Fordyce. “It outlines what employees can expect from Catholic Health Initiatives and its market-based organizations, and what is expected of employees as part of a values-based work community. The Covenant joins Catholic Health Initiatives and its employees together in a way that enables all employees to reach their full potential.” Alignment with Cultural Attributes, Customer Satisfaction Programs The Employee Covenant aligns closely with Catholic Health Initiatives’ distinctive organizational cultural attributes and market-based customer satisfaction programs, which are also based on the organization’s Core Values. “For example, the Employee Covenant calls employees to ‘honor the dignity of all persons in mind, body and spirit,’” said Fordyce. “Several of our cultural attributes — including diversity, holistic approach and sensitivity — identify how these behaviors align with and advance the organization’s Mission and Core Values. The attributes of our distinctive culture and the guiding principles of the Employee Covenant reflect and reinforce each other.” By defining the guiding principles of the employee experience within Catholic Health Initiatives, the Covenant also provides a foundation for expectations of the customer experience. “Many customer-focused programs contain behavior standards that define what employees do to serve patients, residents and each other in the spirit of our Core Values,” said Fordyce. “These programs are another outward expression of our guiding principles.” Tool Kit Provides Comprehensive Resources The Employee Covenant will be introduced as market-based organizations and the national offices implement the resources in the new Work Community of Choice Tool Kit developed by the Catholic Health Initiatives Human Resources Group together with the Work Community of Choice Advisory Committee. This comprehensive set of resources, designed to help bring Our Values at Work to life, was distributed to market-based human resource leaders in late October. The tool kit will help human resource leaders and their teams:
  • Implement the Catholic Health Initiatives Employee Covenant.
  • Assess and align human resource systems and programs.
  • Assure the integration of work community of choice activities with organizational culture and customer satisfaction initiatives.
  • Identify critical success factors.
  • Develop a work community of choice action plan.
“The tool kit is intended to grow and change as all of us progress on this journey,” said Fordyce. “As we progress, new sections of the tool kit will be developed and existing sections enhanced.” Members of Catholic Health Initiatives’ national human resources group are available to help market-based leaders customize elements of the tool kit to meet their needs. “As leaders within Catholic Health Initiatives, we all have a vital role to play in living Our Values at Work,” said Fordyce. “It is essential that we uphold the principles outlined in the Employee Covenant and create work communities that practice our Core Values and enable all employees to excel.” For more information about Our Values at Work and the Work Community of Choice Tool Kit, contact Nancy Etzelmiller or Dan Clark, vice presidents of human resources, at or