September 2004

New Resource Kits Distributed to Market-Based Mission Leaders

Market-based mission leaders have received copies of Catholic Health Initiatives' new Mission Resource Kit, a portable file box that stores and organizes printed resources designed to help mission leaders perform their jobs more effectively.

09_04Resource Photo

Mission leader Judy Parsons (at left) and Kathy Stumbo, president and chief executive officer of Our Lady of the Way Hospital, Martin, Ky., look through the new Mission Resource Kit.

"Through the years, the Mission Group has developed many resources to help mission leaders to successfully foster and promote Catholic Health Initiatives' mission and core values in each market-based organization," said Diane Traffas, OP, vice president of mission integration for Catholic Health Initiatives. "We needed a way to bring these resources together to be readily accessible and easy to maintain. Having all of these assets in one place allows mission leaders to develop a better understanding of how the materials work together to reinforce the various aspects of a mission program and to better integrate mission as a core business process." The kit includes some general resources, such as Catholic Health Initiatives' foundational documents, strategic plan and sponsorship model. It also categorizes mission-specific resources into ten areas designated as mission's scope of work. These include leadership and culture; spiritual care and spirituality of the workplace; ethics; healthy communities; and international missions. The kit is also designed to make it easy for mission leaders to add new materials. "Everything changes, and we'll be able to send our mission leaders new or revised tools with specifics on where they belong in the resource kit," Sister Diane said. Sister Diane said the kits have been well-received by mission leaders. "In addition to serving as an orientation kit for new hires, the kit can be used to re-orient more seasoned mission leaders to the resources available to them," she said. "The mission leaders are very enthusiastic about having all of these tools at their fingertips to help them serve their organizations." For more information on the kit, contact Sister Diane at