August 2004

Giving Focus to Catholic Health Initiatives' Vision

In accordance with Catholic Health Initiatives' mission and the recent revision of its vision statement - Catholic Health Initiatives' vision is to live out its mission by transforming health care delivery and by creating new ministries for the promotion of healthy communities - the Strategic Planning Steering Committee detailed the organization's desired future state. By intentionally ensuring:
  • Consistent values evidenced throughout the organization
  • Distinctive culture that attracts/ retains exceptional people
  • New operating models that are adaptive and flexible
  • Innovation embedded in all we do
  • National and local advocacy leveraged through our size and collaborative relationships
By demonstrating:
  • Exceptional and consistent quality, system-wide
  • Measurable improvements in community health status through selected health management initiatives
  • Core competency in managing information and sharing knowledge
  • Leadership and compassionate concern in addressing the needs of the poor and underserved
  • Leadership in collaboration and partnerships to meet the needs of our communities