June/July 2004

JCAHO Web Site to Feature Organization-Specific Performance Information

Beginning July 15, the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO) will publicly release organization-specific performance information on its Web site, www.jcaho.org. The quality report available for each health care organization surveyed by JCAHO will include accreditation status; results of compliance with National Patient Safety Goals; and results of ORYX/core measures data. Market-based organizations can currently access their quality reports on the JCAHO extranet site and should review them for completeness and accuracy. To access a quality report, go to www.jcaho.org, click on “JAYCO” and enter a login and password at the prompt. To correct errors, contact Theresa Mullin at tmullin@jcaho.org. Market-based organizations also have the option to submit commentary for inclusion in their quality reports. For more information or assistance, contact one of Catholic Health Initiatives’ directors of clinical performance improvement: Joanie Cox, joaniecox@chi-caritas.org; Nancy Lima, nancylima@catholichealth.net; or Mary Osborne, maryosborne@catholichealth.net.