April/May 2004

Time Capsule Provides Glimpse of History at St. Vincent in Little Rock

The recent demolition of a building that once served as the maternity annex for St. Vincent Infirmary revealed a time capsule inside a cornerstone marked with the year of construction, 1938. The capsule was opened during a public ceremony, revealing statuettes, photographs, prayer cards and other artifacts. The contents of the time capsule are on display in St. Vincent Infirmary Medical Center’s Heritage Hall. For more information, contact Shawn Smith, communications coordinator for St. Vincent, at 501/552-3871.

04-04pg7-st Photo

(left to right) Margaret Meisner, SCN, historian for St. Vincent Health System, examines the contents of a 66-year-old time capsule along with Stephen Mansfield, president and chief executive officer; Ken Haynes, chief operating officer; and James Newton, plant and maintenance.