February 2004

Catholic Health Initiatives Distributes New Edition of Sacred Stories

02-04SacredStories Photo

Market-based chief executive officers, board chairs and mission leaders have received copies of the fifth edition of Sacred Stories, which features stories of spirituality in the Catholic Health Initiatives’ workplace. "Our shared spirituality is a key attribute of Catholic Health Initiatives’ distinctive culture," said Jerry Broccolo, vice president of spirituality for Catholic Health Initiatives. "These stories are beautiful testimonies to how this spirituality enables our staff to find meaning in their daily ministry, and to the difference spirituality makes to those they serve. For example, the fifth edition includes several stories about how spirituality affects end-of-life care within Catholic Health Initiatives by revealing the healing presence of God." Market-based organizations can use Sacred Stories as inspirational reading material in waiting rooms and other public areas; as gifts to staff members and others who support the mission and vision of Catholic Health Initiatives; and as reflections during meetings and prayer services. Additional copies of the fifth edition of Sacred Stories are available to Catholic Health Initiatives’ market-based leaders at no charge. To request copies, contact Hala Abduljalil at halaabduljalil@catholichealth.net.