November/December 2003

Clinical Leadership Development Program Receives Excellent Ratings

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Mark Covaleski, Ph.D., professor of health care financial management in the School of Business at the University of Wisconsin, received outstanding evaluations for his presentation to attendees of Catholic Health Initiatives’ Clinical Leadership Development Program.

Catholic Health Initiatives’ fourth Clinical Leadership Development Program, "Innovations for Clinical Excellence," held October 12—17 in Colorado Springs, Colo., received excellent ratings from attendees. The 58 attendees, which included market-based pharmacists, nurses, physicians and chief executive officers, learned ways to be more effective and productive in their leadership roles.

The program’s speakers included Catholic Health Initiatives employees as well as external experts in health care, leadership, finance and technology. "All who attended believed this was a week well spent and appreciated the opportunity to learn more about Catholic Health Initiatives as well as new leadership skills," said Harold Ray, MD, senior vice president and chief medical officer for Catholic Health Initiatives.