August 2003

Archbishop Visits Franciscan Villa in South Milwaukee

0803bishop Photo

Archbishop Timothy Dolan celebrated mass with the residents and staff of Franciscan Villa, South Milwaukee, Wis.

Archbishop Timothy Dolan paid a special visit to Franciscan Villa in South Milwaukee, Wis., June 4. The Archbishop celebrated a mass with Franciscan Villa residents, then greeted every attendee with a hearty handshake and warm smile. He also visited the facility’s Child Day Center, where he greeted the younger children who were not able to attend mass. He placed his tall mitre on the children’s heads and his pectoral cross around their necks. The children’s questions and comments to the Archbishop included, "You have a big hat on," "Are you a church man?" and "That’s God!"

0803bishop2 Photo

Archbishop Dolan shared some laughs with children in the facility’s Child Day Center.