September 2003

Catholic Health Initiatives Introduces Agenda for Full Integration of Quality and Patient Safety Initiatives

Catholic Health Initiatives is creating a Quality and Patient Safety Agenda, a program that will provide comprehensive and effective support for market-based and system-wide quality and patient safety improvement efforts.

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"The primary goal of the Quality and Patient Safety Agenda is to thoroughly integrate quality and patient safety activities into every functional and operational area of Catholic Health Initiatives, while strengthening collaboration between our market-based and system efforts," said Harold E. Ray, MD, chief medical officer for Catholic Health Initiatives. "That collaboration will take ‘best’ clinical practices throughout Catholic Health Initiatives and turn them into ‘next’ practices, which will enable us to deliver the highest quality care to all of our patients." In addition, Ray expects the Quality and Patient Safety Agenda to benefit market-based operations in several ways. The program will:
  • Streamline the gathering, collection and retrieval of market-based and system data related to quality and safety.
  • Reduce rework associated with reporting quality and patient safety data to multiple groups.
  • Produce consistent data, terminology and methodology that will translate to better, more meaningful information.
  • Strengthen tools and resources to support quality and patient safety initiatives.
  • Improve benchmarking and comparative analysis of information across the system and throughout the health care industry.
To support the Quality and Patient Safety Agenda, the Catholic Health Initiatives Clinical Services Group has realigned the responsibilities of its members (see box). Two members of the group will facilitate all of the activities of the Quality and Patient Safety Agenda: Debbi Honey, RN, vice president of clinical operations, and Barry Silbaugh, MD, vice president of medical operations. "They will ensure that information will be shared between the four major components of our quality and safety structure: clinician performance, patient safety, clinical effectiveness and clinical affinity groups," said Ray. Market-based executives will learn more about the Quality and Patient Safety Agenda at the upcoming Chief Executive Officers Cluster Meeting, to be held later this year. In addition, Catholic Health Initiatives will establish a process for ongoing dialog about the program with market-based clinical leaders. For more information, contact Debbi Honey at or Barry Silbaugh at

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