June/July 2003 Special Edition

Board of Stewardship Trustees Creates Patricia A. Cahill Leadership Initiative

0603_Pat_Champion Photo

"Catholic Health Initiatives has been immensely blessed by Pat Cahill’s leadership and presence." Peggy Martin, OP, JCL, Senior Vice President Sponsorship and Governance Catholic Health Initiatives

To provide its leaders with an opportunity to pursue educational study programs, research and writing opportunities or community service ventures, the Board of Stewardship Trustees of Catholic Health Initiatives has created the Patricia A. Cahill Leadership Initiative. "As Catholic Health Initiatives’ founding president and chief executive officer, Pat Cahill has been a consistent champion and advocate for the organization’s priority focus on investing time and resources into the development of lay leadership," said Maryanna Coyle, SC, chair of the Board of Stewardship Trustees for Catholic Health Initiatives. "In acknowledgement of her outstanding leadership and her values-based leadership example, this leadership initiative will be available to current and future leaders of Catholic Health Initiatives." Market-based chief executive officers and national office vice presidents with at least five years of service to Catholic Health Initiatives are eligible to apply for leadership initiative grants. These individuals may also nominate other leaders or potential leaders for consideration. The grants will be available for up to six months of advanced study, research, writing, community service or a combination of those activities. "Because we anticipate that individuals who receive the grants will return to their current positions, their activities under the grant should relate directly to their Catholic Health Initiatives responsibilities and their personal growth," said Peggy Martin, OP, JCL, senior vice president, sponsorship and governance for Catholic Health Initiatives. The grants will be made through a designated fund within Catholic Health Initiatives’ Mission and Ministry Fund, and the Mission and Ministry Fund Advisory Committee will review and select applications for approval. "Catholic Health Initiatives has been immensely blessed by Pat Cahill’s leadership and presence, and we are so pleased to honor her and help assure the future success of our organization through this leadership initiative," said Sister Peggy. For more information on the Patricia A. Cahill Leadership Initiative, contact Peggy Martin at peggymartin@catholichealth.net.