June/July 2003 Special Edition

Leadership Letter from Patricia A. Cahill, Esq., President and Chief Executive Officer

0603_Pat_Group Photo

Dear Catholic Health Initiatives Family:

As I prepared to write my final letter to the Catholic Health Initiatives family, I looked back at the first letter that I wrote as president and chief executive officer in June 1996. In that first communication, I introduced Initiatives as our new communication vehicle, identified several senior vice president positions for which we were actively recruiting, announced our newly leased space at 1999 Broadway in Denver and described our efforts to develop a service mark, logo and branding strategy. Finally, I told you that your patience, understanding and faith would be key to our future success.

As I write this letter, I want you to know how much I appreciate the patience, understanding and faith that you have consistently demonstrated as we built this wonderful organization together. Our core values of Reverence, Integrity, Compassion and Excellence have provided the foundation for all of our activity. Think how much we have achieved together! The women religious who preceded us entrusted their ministry to us and we have carefully nurtured that legacy and stewarded those resources. All of you, in our market-based organizations and national offices, our participating congregations and board members, have created a truly successful organization. It is my fondest wish and most sincere prayer that tomorrow you will make it even more wonderful!

One way in which the Board of Stewardship Trustees hopes to assure that move to greatness is its creation of the Patricia A. Cahill Leadership Initiative, described in detail on page 3 of this issue. I was surprised and deeply touched by this Board action. This initiative raises the bar for the leadership development program in which senior leadership has been involved during the past seven years. It offers the opportunity for market-based organization or national office leaders with a minimum of five years of service to Catholic Health Initiatives to pursue educational study programs, research and writing opportunities or community service ventures. Obviously, I’m enormously flattered that this initiative bears my name. However, I’m thrilled that it provides a chance for senior leaders to take a break and, in a distinct time frame that is separate from their regular work environment, enhance their professional lives in ways that will offer new perspectives on the ministry in which we work and their positions within Catholic Health Initiatives. I encourage our leadership to seriously consider this wonderful new opportunity for professional growth.

As you can imagine, this moment in time is bittersweet for me and sometimes brings tears, but it also brings a smile of contentment at the results of our seven-year journey together. I shall miss Catholic Health Initiatives and all of you very much, but know that you are in my heart and will be in my prayers.