February 2003

Supply Chain Group Ready to ROC

Catholic Health Initiatives’ Supply Chain Group will hold its first Regional Operations/Contracting (ROC) Conference in Las Vegas, Nev., March 12-14. The group is hosting market-based representatives from materials management, value analysis, operating room, clinical engineering and facilities management departments to present information about Catholic Health Initiatives’ new contracting model, which will better integrate local, regional and national contracting. "This conference will be somewhat similar to the supply chain meetings we’ve held around the country for the past few years," said Phil Mears, vice president of supply chain for Catholic Health Initiatives. "However, this time we’re inviting representatives from a variety of disciplines so we can more fully explain the new contracting model we are moving to in partnership with Consorta, our group purchasing organization. In addition, the meeting will provide participants with an opportunity to provide input and feedback on supply chain programs and contracts that are developing across Catholic Health Initiatives." For more information, contact Janet St. John at janetstjohn@CatholicHealth.net.