January 2003

Catholic Health Initiatives Publishes Standards and Guidelines for Internal Audits

Catholic Health Initiatives has published a document, Standards and Guidelines: Internal Audit Function, which outlines the procedures all market-based organizations use to meet system standards for the internal audit function.

"The Standards and Guidelines document existing practices for the internal audit function, which is provided to market-based organizations by the Catholic Healthcare Audit Network (CHAN)," said Geraldine M. Hoyler, CSC, senior vice president of finance and treasury.

In addition to issuing the new document, the Catholic Health Initiatives Finance Group has established a new public folder, titled "Financial Standards and Guidelines," for the use of market-based leaders. The folder contains all standards and guidelines issued by the Finance Group, as well as guidance from the Catholic Health Initiatives Financial Reporting Manual and other sources.

For more information, contact the Catholic Health Initiatives vice president for financial services, CHAN director or CHAN auditor who works with the market-based organization; or, contact Geraldine Hoyler at geraldinehoyler@catholichealth.net.

Access the Financial Standards and Guidelines Folder The new Financial Standards and Guidelines Folder is available on the Catholic Health Initiatives public folders in Outlook. Use the following path to open the folder: > Public Folders > All Public Folders > CHI (National Groups) > FIN (Finance) > Financial Standards and Guidelines