January 2003

Cahill Will Leave Legacy of Accomplishment

cahillHonor-1 Photo

Cahill accepts the 2001 National Quality Health Care Award along with Maryanna Coyle, SC, chair of the Board of Stewardship Trustees, and Hal Ray, MD, chief medical officer.

When Patricia A. Cahill, Esq., retires as president and chief executive officer of Catholic Health Initiatives later this year, she will leave a legacy of inspired leadership and an impressive array of accomplishments behind. Although Pat would be the first to acknowledge other national and market-based leaders and staff for Catholic Health Initiatives’ impressive list of achievements since 1996, her leadership has been paramount to all of the organization’s accomplishments," said Maryanna Coyle, SC, chair of the Board of Stewardship Trustees. Cahill’s accomplishments include:
  • Consolidating four health care systems, representing 12 congregations of women religious, into the second-largest Catholic health care system in the country.
  • Effectively integrating 63 hospitals; 43 long-term care, assisted living and residential facilities; and two community health services organizations into a cohesive national system.
  • Leading the organization through a successful operational and financial turnaround that resulted in AA bond ratings awarded in November 2002.
  • Transitioning 10 hospitals and four long-term care facilities to other sponsors or owners to help ensure the continued viability of the health system.
  • Receiving the 2001 National Quality Health Care Award from the National Committee for Quality Health Care and Modern Healthcare, becoming the first national health care system to receive the award since its inception in 1993.
  • Working faithfully to increase the understanding of Church leaders worldwide regarding Catholic Health Initiatives’ innovative sponsorship model, which features a religious-lay partnership previously unseen in Catholic health care. To help celebrate Cahill’s leadership, Catholic Health Initiatives will hold special events for market-based and national staff leaders in the spring. Cahill will also continue to visit various market-based organizations and national offices until her retirement.

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    Cahill has presented more than 100 Mission and Ministry Fund grant checks, including this one to CARITAS Health Services of Louisville, Ky. Maryanna Coyle, SC, chair of the Catholic Health Initiatives Board of Stewardship Trustees, helped make the presentation to Conrad Thorne and Donna Kenney, SC.