November 2002

LakeWood Health Center, Baudette, Minnesota

Leadership Training

LakeWood Health Center is providing its management with training in leadership skills. SharRay Palm, president and chief executive officer, has developed four courses that are mandatory for every person in a leadership role at LakeWood. Each of the courses, which are based on respected business books, use classroom lectures, role-playing and group discussion and integrate the organization’s mission and core values. Recruitment and Retention To identify applicants who share LakeWood’s commitment to quality service, the organization presents job candidates with scenarios and questions that evaluate their commitment to customer service. In this way, LakeWood can hire employees best suited to the culture of the organization. LakeWood has also created a program to reduce turnover among new long-term care nurses. Colleen Toebe, director of long-term care nursing, selected five senior nurses to serve as mentors to new nurses during their first year of employment. The mentors answer the new nurses’ questions about the organization and conduct periodic evaluations of their skills to determine if additional training is necessary. By focusing on the first year of employment, LakeWood ensures that new long-term care nurses become committed to the organization from the very beginning. Community Planning Last year, through a Healthy Communities initiative, LakeWood sponsored an intergenerational dialog that brought together more than 100 community members, ages 14 to 93, to talk about the future of Baudette. The event improved community members’ understanding of the differences between generations and provided an opportunity to discuss social, recreational and economic development alternatives. A multigenerational planning committee will now develop a five-year strategic plan for Baudette that will be approved by the community. By involving the community in the strategic planning process, LakeWood believes the plan’s chance of success will dramatically increase.