September 2002

Catholic Health Initiatives Invites
Submission of Sacred Stories

Catholic Health Initiatives has invited employees, physicians, staff, board members, volunteers and all others associated with the organization to submit stories of spirituality at work for possible inclusion in a fourth edition of Sacred Stories.

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Sacred stories show how the internal faith that individuals bring to their work impacts Catholic Health Initiatives’ care delivery and environment of service. "When we share stories like these, we recognize and further develop our distinctive culture, which is deeply grounded in a lived spirituality," said Jerry Broccolo, vice president of spirituality for Catholic Health Initiatives. "These stories are a wonderful testimony to the people who are Catholic Health Initiatives." Broccolo said that copies of the Sacred Stories publications have become a feature of many office and waiting room areas inside and outside of the Catholic Health Initiatives organization. "In addition, the stories are frequently used for reflections at meetings and in prayer services," he said. "Many of our market-based organizations have even created their own local versions of Sacred Stories." The stories published in each edition of Sacred Stories also become part of Catholic Health Initiatives’ national archive of sacred stories. While stories can be submitted to the archive at any time, stories must be submitted by October 1 to be considered for inclusion in the fourth edition of the Sacred Stories publication. Anyone who would like more information on writing or submitting a sacred story should contact their local mission leader.