July/August 2002

Catholic Health Initiatives Restructures CEO Advisory Council

"The chief executive officers on the council represent a broad geography, size and scope of market-based organizations," said Lofton. "Market-based chief executive officers should feel free to route their operations issues and concerns to the members of the council."

Catholic Health Initiatives has restructured its Chief Executive Officer Advisory Councils for information technology, supply chain and performance management into a single CEO Advisory Council with rotating terms.

"Input from market-based chief executive officers on the advisory councils has helped shape the development of clinical engineering and consolidated technology system purchases, to name a few accomplishments," said Kevin Lofton, executive vice president and chief operating officer of Catholic Health Initiatives. "Because of these successes and our desire to continue to improve, we have created a single council that will form subcommittees for issue-specific business." Each subcommittee will be chaired by a market-based chief executive officer and can be expanded to include individuals with expertise in the subject being addressed.

The rotating terms will enable an orderly transition of chief executive officers on and off the council. The members of the council are:

CEOAdvisory Photo

Ex-Officio Members Kevin Lofton, Chair Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer Catholic Health Initiatives Christopher Macmanus Senior Vice President, Information Technology and Chief Information Officer Catholic Health Initiatives Anne McIntyre Interim Senior Vice President, Performance Management Catholic Health Initiatives Phillip Mears Vice President, Supply Chain Management Catholic Health Initiatives