June 2002

St. John’s in Joplin obtains new technology to fight breast cancer

St. John’s Regional Medical Center, Joplin, Mo., has acquired a computer-aided detection system for use in breast cancer screening. The system helps radiologists minimize false negative readings during mammograms. Studies show that for every 100,000 cancers currently detected by screening mammography, the use of the computer-aided detection system could result in the early detection of up to an additional 20,000 signs of the disease. "Since acquiring the system, we have identified abnormalities and signs of disease earlier on several mammogram screening analyses, and we are successfully increasing our early detection rate of invasive cancers," said Curt Hammerman, MD, physician executive for radiology at St. John’s. For more information, contact Robin McAlester, media/promotions coordinator for St. John’s at rmcalest@stj.com.